Our Music

It is our passion and what drives us every day. Thanks to this feeling we have helped many artists and companies to achieve their goals and dreams. Here is a small part of what we do.

Piélago of St Saot

Piélago is a documentary by Saot St, which was awarded as best music project in 2020 in the Canary Islands and has won numerous awards at international film festivals. For us it was a real pleasure to create the soundtrack for this project, in which we immersed ourselves completely, managing to connect image and music.
From the first moment we sought to capture the emotion, expressing with music feelings of pain, anger, sadness and joy… a challenge that we enjoyed every moment, from the first musical note to the sound mix of the whole documentary.

You can watch it on Youtube in full. Here you have some parts where you can see our musical contribution in the documentary.

Retales. Nous Nizzy & Malakkor

Nous Nizzy and Malakkor join forces to create an album that is a musical journey through 10 songs in patchwork. We have created all the instrumentals and we have been in charge of the mixing and mastering of each track, managing to create together with Nous, a pure album that draws from styles such as Rnb, dancehall, flamenco and reggaeton. You have the full album on digital platforms like Spotify. Here you can listen to some of the songs. Enjoy them!

Sirine Miled. Hey Dj

Hey Dj is a song by Sirine Miled, a Tunisian artist with a lot of talent and recognition. We love to produce instrumentals and fuse them with ethnic sounds from different cultures, especially middle eastern sounds like flutes and darboukas. In this song we have produced the instrumental and the result is a fusion of urban music like reggaeton and middle eastern organic sounds. The song is available on digital platforms like Spotify. Here you can see the official music video. Very hard!

Official Video

Zpu y Nach. Manos llenas

Music production for a song of two greats like Zpu and Nach. The day that Z contacted us because he needed new music to write his next songs, we had produced hours before a beat that we thought…. “By chance or not, the instrumental traveled to Barcelona and almost a year later Manos llenas was born together with Nach. A real pleasure to be present in the creation process of something so beautiful. In the following link you can see the official videoclip.

Official Video

Millaray Mandiola & Malakkor. Piensas

Piensas is a song by Millaray Mandiola, a Chilean artist with an enormous talent, produced by Malakkor. Dancehall sounds, mixed with instruments such as flamenco cajon, percussions and fusing styles referents in urban music. Our music makes us travel from one side of the globe to the other, without physically moving from our paradise that is the Canary Islands. We always give our best to make what we create reach far and also inspire great artists to sing over our beats. Millaray is one of them, she listened to our music and fell in love with the chords and structure. Thank you very much. Click the button to see the official videoclip of the song.

Official Video